Cosmetic Surgery Counseling

Should a patient go through some counseling before having cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, breast lifts, breast enhancement, brow lifts, Botox; or any of the many body enhancements? Cosmetic surgery counseling is normally not necessary for those who have come to the cross roads of the mid-life years and gravity is taking its effect on their bodies, or those in need of reconstructive surgery. Most Plastic Surgeons or Cosmetic Surgeons have been trained to discern any emotional stress during their initial consultations. They attempt to screen every patient to ensure that they are not getting a procedure done under “duress” or “on the rebound” or for other reasons that in normal circumstances most would not consider a procedure. Yet I know young women that are getting unnecessary cosmetic surgery for emotional reasons, these situations are similar to an anorexic going on a diet and no matter how skinny she is, she still looks in the mirror and sees herself as being too heavy or unattractive. Get free shipping today when you purchase codeine and co-dydramol from

I have seen very attractive women go to cosmetic surgeons only to make they look like “Daffy Duck” for the sole purpose of looking different – because they weren’t happy with whom they saw in the mirror. The last state becomes worse than the first, yet they are pleased because they look different than before. These young ladies who suffer from a body dysmorhic disorder, the only way to change the way someone sees themselves in the mirror is from the inside. Maybe by visiting a good Psychiatrist, or Psychologist. These comments are not to offend anyone seeking cosmetic surgery, but rather to give pause and offer a time of reflection before one seeks a Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Surgery.

Young People Should Consider Cosmetic Surgery Counseling

How about the person in their 20′s that just isn’t happy with themselves and their appearance? In some cases a breast enlargement or other procedure to enhance or remove some features of the body that obviously detract from someone’s appearance are often quite acceptable assuming that the young person is aware of the implications of cosmetic surgery on bodies that are still maturing or especially for women who have not had any children yet.

There are times, however, when a person desires cosmetic surgery and to the “prudent person” this cosmetic surgery is not necessary. I have seen women in their late 20′s taking Botox injections for what appears to be no other reason than to change their appearance. In short they are unhappy with how they look (even though they might be considered beautiful by society’s standards) so they will go to any extent to Botox their lips, forehead and other parts of the body.

These situations should be patently obvious to any surgeon that this individual might have a problem with self-esteem and really needs to have some cosmetic surgery counseling before proceeding with any operation. More often than not in these cases; no matter what you do to change the appearance of someone with an issue of self-esteem, they will never be happy with their appearance. The danger is that if a surgeon continues to operate according to their wishes, the side effects in the short term and long term could be devastating and also never get to the root of the problem of one’s self-image issues.

Cosmetic surgery in is great for fixing what gravity and time does to the body, minor blemishes, restorations and minor enhancements; however, a competent plastic surgeon has a duty to screen her patients for these issues of self-esteem when he or she feels that the request for a certain procedure might be unwarranted; especially if this person is going through some very difficult life changes or emotional problems such as a divorce or break-up. Some cases may have already gone to court over a cosmetic surgeon’s failure to employ discernment in refusing to conduct an unwarranted procedure. A cosmetic surgeon should always suggest Cosmetic Surgery Counseling with a psychologist or psychiatrist if one of his or her patients requests a procedure that is patently unwarranted.

If you are young, age hasn’t taken its toll on your body just yet, your friends find you attractive, and you may wish to consider cosmetic surgery counseling before ever going to a plastic surgeon. This is so important because cosmetic surgery is costly, a lifetime of touch-ups, and if you’re seeking a cosmetic procedure because of your low self esteem, the surgery will not improve your self-image over the long run. Chances are you just need some counseling, coaching or maybe psychiatric help to enable you to see your real beauty and value. This is a lot less costly, and the benefits will last you a life-time and affect every other aspect of your life. Again, if you are considering a body enhancement and your desires are “borderline” warranted (you know who you are), please seek cosmetic surgery counseling before your first appointment with a plastic surgeon.