How Does Collagen Stop The Aging Process

No one looks forward to the idea of growing older, because growing old means losing the youthful glow that comes from having impeccable skin. That’s why there’s an industry for various products designed to combat the effects of aging. The effects would include getting wrinkles and other blemishes that takes away the youthful radiance of skin. Collagen is the key ingredient to most anti-aging products, but does it really help to stop aging? Well a lot of information is available regarding this at Collagen FAQ, but we’re going to attempt to clear this up now.

Collagen is indeed the key element to younger looking skin

You can’t stop the aging process, but what you can do is slow down its effects. One of the best ways to do this would be to stimulate the body’s production of collagen so that the visible effects of aging are minimized. When this happens the skin maintains its elasticity, firmness and smoothness. The trick is finding a collagen supplement that can really work for you.

Collagen production happens naturally of course, but there’s one issue

While a person may product a lot of collagen when they are young, what do you think happens as they begin to get older? The body stops producing as much collagen as it did and it gets worse the older someone gets. Now of course several factors are going to impact this.

Take for instance the way someone is living. If someone doesn’t have a proper diet, doesn’t get the nutrients they need on a consistent basis, makes use of recreational drugs or consumes copious amounts of alcohol, then this is going to accelerate the body’s decreased production of collagen. Simply put, it’s going to make a person begin to look older way sooner than they should.

Excessive time spent in the sun is also an issue, this is even if someone is using sun block or other topical treatments in order to protect from sun damage. 

Collagen supplements that work internally are the way to combat the effects of aging

Topical supplements act more as nourishment for the skin rather than something that’s going to help with collagen production itself. This is because the molecules that comprise collagen aren’t small and the skin simply can’t absorb them. Taking something internally is the only true way to help boost the body’s natural production of collagen.

This increase in collagen product due to taking a high quality ingestible supplement will provide more than just better, youthful looking skin. Healthy collagen levels also help with mood control, can help a person to control anxiety issues, helps with heart health, strengthens cartilage and bone density, helps to reduce joint pain and helps with hair and nail health. 

So it really isn’t a question of collagen stopping the aging process more than it is reducing the visible and internal effects of aging. By increasing the body’s natural production of the protein by means of an ingestible supplement a person can ensure they stay youthful looking for longer and all the benefits that come with it.